Compression pile load test

kentledge method

“A frame is assembled over the pile to be tested on top of which an amount of weight (a minimum 110 to 120% of maximum test load) is safely stacked. This generally takes the form of concrete blocks of regular dimensions and weight although steel ingots can be used provided that their weight can be assessed with reasonable accuracy

Load Applied to Pile by Hydraulic Jack Acting against Anchored Crown 

 Tie back anchors shall be installed for the static compression load test setup in order to provide reaction to the loading system. Loads on each anchor and its dimensioning are made as elaborated in the design.  

A powerful anchoring machine shall be used to install the tie back anchors; following sequence shall be adopted for the installation of the anchors.  

a. Install the anchor machine at approximately the same level of the anchor head.  Adjust the swing mast to the required inclination to meet the design/site requirements.  

Anchor pile method

The sets up for the load test on a pile consist of anchor piles provided with an anchor girder or a reaction girder at their top as shown in Fig. The test pile is generally installed between two anchor piles in such a manner in which the foundation piles are to be installed. The test pit should be at least 3B or 2.5 m clear from the anchor piles