C.F.A piles – Continuous Flight Auger piles

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling is one of the most widely adopted piling techniques due to its low impact on the surrounding environment. It is ideal for use near any environmentally sensitive situation including but not limited to listed buildings, water treatment works and contaminated sites.

CFA Drilling technique: Continuous flight auger piles are constructed rotating an auger string into the ground by injecting concrete under a minimum pressure through the hollow stem of the auger. The soil is replaced with concrete in one continuous movement as the auger is withdrawn. After the pile head is cleared of debris, steel reinforcement is plunged into the pile concrete.

Advantages of CFA Piling:

  • High production rates mean that piles are commercially attractive
  • Broad range of auger sizes (300mm to 1200mm diameter) means that the most economical use of construction materials is possible
  • Depths of up to 25m means that CFA piling is effective for low to mid-range loading thus suitable for most commercial and residential projects
  • Low noise emissions
  • Virtually vibration free