Deep Wells – Multistage Pumps

The Deep Well System is also a versatile predrainage dewatering system which can pump high and low volumes of groundwater. This method is best suited to homogeneous aquifers that extend well below the bottom of the excavation. Deep well systems consist of one or more individual wells, each of which has its own submersible pump at the bottom of the well. 


  • Ability to penetrate strata impervious to the jetting method of well point systems.
  • Capable of pumping tens to thousands of gallons per minute per well.
  • Deep Wells can be effective when placed outside of the jobsite work area.

Deep well dewatering systems are used when large volumes of groundwater must be pumped, highly permeable soils result in rapid recharging of the aquifer, and/or the depth of excavation excludes other dewatering methods.