soil investigation

We have been providing quality soil investigation service to contractors, developers and consultants since 1987’s.

  • Undisturbed / Piston Soil Sampling
  • Standard Penetration Test
  • Diamond Rock Coring
  • Soil report
  • In-situ Permeability Test
  • packer test(Lugeon test)

For packer test:

The double-packer test is a classical field method for in situ determination of formation permeability. The formulae used in this calculation are based on the assumption that the formation is continuous, homogeneous and isotropic, and that the borehole is cased (impervious) except for the region of injection between the packers.

The investigation takes the form of a numerical simulation of double-packer tests in hypothetical formations of a priori known permeability, with the rate of flow and the water overpressure at quasi steady state measured as in a real packer test. This information is subsequently used as input for calculating the permeability in the idealized model, and the calculated permeabilities are compared with the actual ones.